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For the past two years, DNC Media has proudly partnered with DEKit to deliver a comprehensive suite of full-service marketing solutions. Leveraging our expertise in strategic online lead generation campaigns, we have helped DEKit achieve remarkable success, adding millions of dollars to their bottom line.

Our approach has included the creation of powerful strategic videos to improve their sales process, as well as targeted online ads on Facebook, Google, and YouTube. Additionally, we have implemented effective Email marketing automation campaigns and SEO services to further augment their digital presence and drive sustained growth.


To bolster Thousand Trails’ digital footprint and enhance their social media influence, DNC Media has skillfully crafted a suite of strategic video assets.

Our focus is to help them generate greater engagement with their online audience, leveraging the power of video to captivate and connect. As an example of our capabilities, please enjoy this sample of one of the many dynamic YouTube videos we have created to help them expand their online reach.


When you are first to market, you need to have the right marketing strategy in place. DNC Media worked with Yacht Armor to develop their brand from scratch including building out their branding package, building their website, dialing in the sales copy, creating their core video assets, and launching a successful lead generation campaign.

Within just a couple months, Yacht Armor was able to establish themselves as the experts when it came to Marine Protection Film and their business began to flourish.


When Cultured Vine approached DNC Media to help build their online presence, we were thrilled to support their mission of attracting more people to Napa Valley for their world-class experiences only offered through Cultured Vine, one of the Napa Valley's most exclusive concierge service.

By leveraging our expertise in strategic video production and lead generation campaigns, we helped Cultured Vine effectively showcase their unique experiences to potential customers, driving significant interest in their offerings and ultimately contributing to the region’s continued growth and success.


When Seaside Marine faced challenges in generating new leads, DNC Media quickly stepped in to build a customized landing page and expertly crafted a suite of strategic video assets. These included a compelling Video Business Card, informative FAQ Videos, and engaging Process Videos, as well as targeted online advertisements.

Our combined efforts culminated in a highly successful lead generation campaign, propelling Seaside Marine’s growth to new heights in the highly competitive South Florida market.


Bilbo's Marine was ready to explode their growth in the South Florida market and contracted DNC Media to help them grow their online presence, generate 5x the leads, and use strategic video assets to help automate their sales process.

Since then we have fully helped revamp their online presence, including redoing their website and ramping up their lead generation month after month.


For over 5 years, DNC Media has been a full-service marketing provider to LRM Leasing helping establish them as the industry expert's when it comes to leasing semi trucks.

Our video marketing campaigns have helped them generate over 5+ million views in highly targeted areas and helped their business continue to thrive.


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